Light and Darkness

sunrise April 21 25

During my good morning Daddy God time, He reminded me of a dream He gave me a while back that I really never understood until now.   Here is my dream:

I was in a large white house and I was full of light and Joy.  The house and the people in it and in the surrounding lands were also full of light and joy.  Then a dark entity came to the house  and the light and the joy were covered in darkness and gloom.  I struggled with the dark entity constantly. I despised and rejected it, pushing it away. I began to see that this fight was not winnable. The darkness said “If you will marry me I will let everything else go”. I surrendered and consented to marry the darkness, thinking I would save evryone else and the land around me.

Light began to emerge in the house and then through the surrounding land. the people in the house and the land were joyful again.

I have been praying for an interpretation.   I have been getting downloads  a little at a time . I don’t think I have it all yet but here is what I have so far:

The darkness is all the things we reject about ourselves and our humanity. We are a broken and wounded people. Much of our thinking has been very distorted and misguided.  Leaning on our own interpretation and understanding of things has led us away from the living loving Father God. We have written our own dictionaries. Our dictionary does not define things the way God does. 

Light dispels the darkness. The light of God  inside me was in reality greater than the darkness.  I was rejecting the darkness so it kept it outside. When I embraced it , it too became full of light. The light and joy  filled my house and the surroundings. If we let God define us as individuals and people groups we will see we are one race ,the human race.  We judge so many things and put them in categories that separate us and then we get at war with them. Even inside ourselves we reject  and deny parts of ourselves, even hate parts of ourselves. God designed us all different because He is creative. We need to see these things as creative additions to our lives not subtractors as long as they do not take us away from the love relationship with our God . 

During worship a couple weeks back someone broke out in an impromptu chorus that we all joined in.  
“We are children  ,He is our Father , we are family,
​ I am a child, You are my Father, I have a family”.                                  

 That works for me. 

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