I was pulling weeds in my garden today thinking,” what an impossible task to keep up with.”  I have to do this every day just to keep it down to a minimum.   My wandering mind went right to “so is it with the evil in this world.”

There is so much wrong in the world one could get overwhelmed by thinking too much about it.  Philippians 4:8 tells us to dwell on whatever Is true, honorable, right, pure, l lovely, good repute, excellent and worthy of praise.   It helps me not fall over the edge.

Still, there is much wrong in the world around me and I cannot burry my head in the sand (or my blessings) and hope it goes away. Like the weeds in my garden, it will get worse not go away. I have heard that all evil needs to thrive, is for good people to do nothing. 

I think the Holy Spirit is calling me (and everyone else) to act on our convictions in God. It is a risk to stand for what you believe is right and God breathed.  It takes great courage to let your voice be heard. 

In this age where right is wrong and wrong is right when you speak out there is blow back.

I must prepare myself for this reaction. Iwill be asked to stand for the Lord in the days to come.  I must make the decision now to stand for my faith. Am I will to let the IRS take a close look at me?  Am I willing to take egg on my house or my car? Am I willing to stand strong when someone is in my face with an evil intent? Am I willing to stand before the school board and protest the teaching our children lies and perversions? Will I support godly men in politics? Will I write letters and sign petitions to see things change. I think someone reading this will be asked to run for an office.

Where would our Christianity be today if those who have gone before us decided to hide and stay safe? They stood and were tortured and died for this faith to go on. 

I have heard people confess like Peter “I would die for you Jesus.” I have watched those same people shun the responsibility to speak out against evil because they were afraid of the blow back.   Persecution is still in front of us as Christian believers. There will be great good and great evil in our future I believe. At least that is what my bible says.

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