I really believed I had surrendered all to Jesus, just like we sing in church. Lately I have become aware of some holes in that belief system.  Perhaps surrender doesn’t happen that one day when you say yes to the love of Jesus. Like love it must be expressed everyday or it fades out.  Muscles that are not used everyday atrophy. Perhaps atrophy is a better word than fade and die.  I think it has the same meaning

What brought me to this thought? Lately I have noticed certain heavenly suggestions getting put by the wayside. I say ok mentally but after I garden or clean my fish, organize my craft room, whatever task you can think of I put in there. Problem is after I do certain chores other things come up and there is no more time or I am too tired.

Well that is not so much a surrendered will. It seems to suggest your will Jesus after my will.

So today I shall have to create a new method. Perhaps it is better during devotion to as Him what are we doing today and schedule that list.  I know He cares that what needs to be done gets done. I need to make sure we are together on the projects. They aren’t all my personal projects. Some of those are places He wants to teach me things and some are He loves my company and I need to be aware of how much I love His. There are also things I His list He desires accomplished. It usually has something to do with people I would not have planned to encounter. 

Help me Lord to really surrender all every day, one day at a time.

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