Recently while taking my morning walk , I passed a sign that said “Are you a wave chaser or a wave maker”. My first thought was that depends on the circumstance I am in.

Then in my spirit I heard ” It is time to make waves”. I thought about tsunamis and how they can start because of the ground shifting in the ocean floor. I decided to do some stomping while I walked and prayed for more direction on this word.

I got a picture in my mind of a huge wave full of faces of the people of God and on top was Jesus on a surf board smiling and cheering us on. If you are a really religious person you will be curling your eyebrows about now. However if your like me and have experienced how fun our Father God can be , you get this. The next wave of God is us , His children. I finally get the meaning of arise about now . A term we hear often in scripture.

You can get an idea of how big a wave will be by the amount of water that begins to separate itself from the shore line. Do you sense a separation inside you from the politically correct and woke world around you?

.When you think about it that huge wave is made of individual drops of water that are bound together in unity. It is their massive united volume that gives it such power. It is time we the people of God recognize He gave us power to transform the world, and many are not educated or skillfully trained in our faith yet to execute that power.

The vision came with a challenge. The Spirit of resurrection life of Christ is in us. I believe now is the time that the Lord is calling us to arise and to unite.

The love of God is freedom and we all have choices to make in this freedom. The choice right now is to decide if you are apart of this wave or are you apart of the shoreline. Are you willing to say yes I will train for the Lords war and become a disciple of the way heavens culture says and does things. This is a love war not a hate war . It is about what we are for not what we are against.

I will no longer safely hide away but I choose to participate in the wave.

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