I woke up today feeling all my aches and pains of my humanity.  I did my morning streches………. Good girl! …….. I made my morning tea and breakfast. I listened to an inspiring TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert the “Eat Pray,Love” book author.  She talked about the fact that creativity used to be thought of as a visiting entity on a person until humanism took over.  Now days we squeeze an artist like a tube of tooth paste to get more out of them. Ouch!

I think of creativity as a spiritual experience. It seems to connect me to all my parts, body, soul, and spirit and my God who loves me. Since I believe it comes from the creator and passes through us. We can catch hold of it. We can manifest it through our lives.  I know this entity as the Holy Spirit and perhaps an assigned creative angel or two.  The best book I ever read said” Christ (the anointing) in me was the hope of  Glory.  I believe that the anointing in me is also the connection to creativity. I am not just human I am a carrier of the creative God to the world(you too. By His Grace I can live this life and overcome and do it creatively with love and joy in my heart.

 I think Creativity has the capability to connect people on a soul and spiritual level. Have you ever been inspired by someone ‘s art. Did it ever put a feeling in your heart and or a smile on your face?
 If we say we are not creative I think we are believing a lie. It seems to me that if we do not use our creativity, no matter how minor, we deny pleasure to ourselves, our God and others. It seems very sad to me because creating gives me so much joy. My joy is a strength to my life.

2 thoughts on “AM I ONLY HUMAN, ARE YOU?

  1. I, too, believe that God works “through” us. We have a mission here on this Earth. It took me awhile to figure what that mission was…but I have found it! And, how rewarding it feels everyday to know you have a God-sent purpose! Be blessed!


    1. Thanks for the response. Don’t know about you but I love being tasked. I have to check myself everyday to make sure I do the number one thing I was created for . I was created to be in an intimate love relationship with Jesus. blessing to you.


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