We have all endured the current contagious season.  Flew and germs are not the only thing you can catch.  Most people understand that children pick up on our moods. Babies cry when the Mother is upset.  Children get scared and sometimes naughty when parents are fighting. 

Grownups have a tendency to do the same thing. We tend to adopt the attitude of the people we hang around with.  If they are negative, angry or complaining and fault finding it will soon affect our attitudes. There is no mask that will keep you from catching that.

 In my attempt to overcome my nature I have found it needful to stop periodically in my day and have a few minute love-in with my first family, Father, Jesus Holy Spirit.  Their attitude is always right. I need to hang with them more so that I am contagious with love, light, kindness, grace and mercy and joy.  I am learning to be a child of the promise. We are the promised generation. We are the ones with the end time gift of bringing heaven to earth. This is the season of the Holy Spirit visiting us with power to infuse the world with heaven’s kingdom. Yeah, that’s in the bible.

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