Hi my name is Dee.  I have 5 children and 9 grand children at this point in time. I have have come a long difficult road to God but he was always faithful to pursue me until I turned to Him for help.  Out of my gratitude I have taught every age of Sunday school, work in jail Ministry for adult and youth. I have gone on mission  trips in and out of America. I recently had the privilege of addressing a pastor and evangelist conference of 450 In Kenya Africa. It was my delight to  tell them how good the love of the Father is and no need for those who believe in him and place there life in his hand to fear him.
I have written a book called “God’s Got An APP For That” already published on Amazon.  I have also designed a few Journals.  “Dear Daddy” is designed  to promote communication between you and Papa God.  I self published but they will be on Amazon. I have devoted my energy to raising children and helping people connect with the Papa God who loves them deeply and extravagantly. I wanted a site where we could connect and share our lives and insights to Papa and His way.  A believing community where we can share our miracles and struggles.  Hopefully to impart wisdom and encouragement to each other. No one of us has all the answers. God is too big for any one of us to know all there is about Him.

My book: GODS GOT AN APP FOR THAT    https://www.amazon.com/Gods-got-APP-that-there/dp/1500965723

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