I love it when the Holy Spirit moves on you and challenges you to go deeper in your relationship to Your Father God.

My favorite part of church is always worship. Today we were singing words that really moved me. Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light In The Darkness that is who you are. The Holy Spirit said make it personal . Tell Him and yourself that is who you are to me. Holy Spirit impressed upon me if I don’t have it I can’t give it. Then the Holy Spirit said you have the dunimus power in you . Put your hand on your stomach and declare out loud that it is so. I did and then I got hit with what felt like an electrical surge. Then the holy spirit said everything I claimed about God for me, is me, because He is in me. Then the Holy Spirit said “OWN IT”

This is my new adventure, I am who God says I am. It seems like an upgrade in believing all God says. I have a sence I was only sort of believing what God says about me only in theory now it is time to walk in the reality of it. I don’t think that was just about me. I am thinking God is taking us all into His reality. This is not just believing the possibility of it as truth. He is taking us into the truth with Him. Are you ready for the power to hit you and walk out your real truth as a child of the living God. The great I AM.

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