I have always had a my doubts that I belong anywhere I am. It is an issue from my childhood. I was moved about from place to place to live with other people than my parents until I was 8 years old. It was what my parents decided to do with me until they figured out their life I guess.

Married with 5 children I  new my children and I belonged together while they were growing up. However I never did have a sence of the place as where I or we belonged. The husband moved us with his job so very often.

The children are grown and gone and we are deciding whether to move to a more affordable part of the country or reverse mortgage and stay where we are.

A lot of emotional issues arise with this decision. We have been here the longest time of anywhere. I have children and grand children here.  I have the deepest of friends as I have ever had. I all so have a supportive church family. I of course pursued the Lord for direction as always.

Like the wonderful God He is ,I didn’t just get direction I got a heart healing moment.         He said” I have put you where you belong. You belong where you belong.”    I cried because I never realized belonging was important to my soul and spirit until that moment.

I belong to my Father in heaven and His family. I belong and have a place at His table.  What an amazing thing happens inside you when you know you belong.  Now I have something more to give to those lives I touch. I can give the confidence of belonging.

Your Father in heaven loves you so much too and wants you to experience belonging to Him. It’s not a temporary  placement . This belonging is forever when you accept Jesus as savior and Lord . You will find you are loved.  You belong in the family.

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