God is really a romantic or I am because He keeps speaking to me in music.  I remember way back the song true colors came out. At that time I was very shy in my faith. One day driving in my car that song came on the radio . I remember so clearly the Holy Spirit ‘s presence in the car and knowing the Lord was saying to me” Let your true self out ,I love her”.   Needless to say I started to cry. I cry for heart felt things easily.

This summer I woke up to someone singing but when I opened my eyes no one was there and the radio wasn’t on. The song was “Beautiful dreamer awake unto me”.  I felt the Holy Spirits presence and of course I cried.  It was a call to wake up to Him and His love and agenda and not my own busyness.

This last week I woke up to another song. the song was “How deep is your love.”   one of the lines in the song  was “I am the one you need to show , how deep is your love.”   My first thought was I try to show my husband and children how much I love them.  Sometimes I will demonstrate my love to friends and humanity.

However I think for me the message is that I need to be demonstrating how deep my love is for the Lord. That truth has a catch in  my mind. I know All the love I have comes from God because He is love.   This forces me to embrace how much God loves me. I want to love Him back with all He has given me.

If His love is endless.  I think of the ramifications to how much I love Him and how I show it. I don’t want to short change God or my self.

All of these songs I thought at first were just for me. I am seeing now that this is His heart for all His children. Better yet He is wooing His bride.

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