The invitation from Heaven

Invitation from heaven

For months I have felt a  strange anticipation in my Spirit , something is up and I want to know what it is.
I  have prayed and waited and was on the edge of myself at what it could be.  I joined a group that went to Bethel church to help them in the spring with a huge presentation they put on at the Civic Center there, hoping it would lead to my answers.  During worship at the church the Lord took me into outer space, I know that is weird.  I saw the Lord on a huge throne, sitting amidst the beautiful colors the gases in outer space make. He put out His hand and I saw my whole life on there. There was nothing in my life that was not there.  I looked up to His eyes and lightning flashed.  There was an instant exchange of trust. I trusted Him and more amazing I heard Him say He trusted me. I was then back in the service. The shock and awe of that moment will forever be with me. Not something I ever thought God would do in my wildest imaginations. I have been pursuing the meaning of all this still. I am still being at the edge of me in great anticipation of the meaning of it all.

I finished writing my book and still the sensing in my Spirit was still there.  Then I received an email invite to accompany a speaker to Kenya Africa.  My Spirit leaped inside me and a I knew this was what I was waiting for.  This was my invite from heaven to participate in something.  I said yes.  Now there was the big how to pay my own way.   I put myself up on Go fund me and I began making bags to sell.  I also posted to friends on face book,  what I was about to do .  It was amazing to  see the response.  I had the money I needed when I needed it. The money for travel and food  came the morning I left in faith. A white envelope was sticking out from under my door mat. I spied it as I stepped out on my adventure with God..

The difficult part was all the people who voiced the opinion; I should not go because it was not a well known ministry.  This was local indigenous pastors wanting to have a conference.  It was reasonable for my husband and my pastor and friends to have fears for our safety.  I did not argue with anyone because I knew I was to go and I had complete trust in God that an answer to all our fears would be provided and satisfied.  Reasonable answers came but there was still our having to risk and walk out and trust that the answers were there.

The first confirmation that I was where I was supposed to be was arriving at the Nairobi airport. The airport was under construction and we were directed down a long hall which was populated with three by five banners printed with pictures of outer space . You remember the throne seated among the beautiful colors. ( Check the Hubble space  site) amazingly beautiful.

Once we were there, the why we were there became apparent . This was a group of 450 Pastors and evangelists with their wives. They had trust issues with white evangelist. They had been spiritually abused.  Before we arrived the Bishop of the Area had a dream where God told him a white team would come and bring new fire to Africa.  Before I left my pastoral team prayed and said God was sending New fire to Africa with us.  WOW! We brought the message of the Father’s heart to love and care for His children.  They rejoiced over the real good news we brought. I was taken back when the Bishop asked the pastors to repent of giving the bad new and to promise God from now on they would only give the real good news.  Turns out we were the first white women to ever visit this part of Kenya.  They were so grateful for the new revelation of Father God’s heart and being released from the fear and condemnation they had been handed. They told us they were changing right before our eyes.  I just kept saying to God “who am I that I should be a part of this privilege” .

Later we learned the attendees were staying up all night discussing these new levels of knowing God. They were discussing the implications to their lives and ministry. They spent much time praying for one another.

I was originally just to go along as accompaniment.  On the second day the keynote speaker was ill.  I was asked to speak in her stead.  What a surprise 5 minutes ahead of time.  God was so faithful to fill my heart and my mouth for hours several times during our week’s conference. At the end 450 Pastors and Evangelist went out to many parts of Africa not just Kenya, with the real good news.

This conference was held at an orphanage with 175 children (Blessed Hope) who we also had the privilege of ministering too.  The third lady on our team was an awesome fund raiser and bought  uniforms for all the children.  She orchestrated the the manufacturing of them before we went come so they would arrive while we were there. They rejoicing we witness would make you cry with a full heart. It did us. I am so greatful to the Father for this opportunity in my life.

I Don’t know if God will ever send me back there.

​There web site is

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